National and International Road Freight Transport

With a team that supports you 24/7

Over thirty-five years of providing effective and affordable transportation and logistics solutions tailored to the needs of each client.

National and International Transportation

Smart Solution

Transportes Eguia is the smartest and most effective solution for your partial loads, groupage, or full truckloads. Nationally, we have an extensive fleet of vehicles and collaborators to carry out any transport. Our trucks are equipped to cross the European continent and reach any destination, including Nordic countries, Baltic countries, and Eastern Europe. With over 35 years in the industry, we have the experience to back it up.

Fast Transits

GPS Tracking

Customized Projects

Customs Warehouse

Delivery Confirmation

Lots and Full Loads

Possibility of Second Drivers

Semitrailers with Pit for Coil Transport

Vehicles equipped with bollards for the transport of heavy pieces

Vehicles prepared for the transport of ADR goods

Comprehensive Logistics, Warehousing, and Picking Services

Logistics and Transportation

At Transportes Eguia, we offer you a wide range of complementary Logistics services to your transportation activities. Our mission is to become the trusted ally of our clients, providing maximum added value to their transportation and logistics processes, making them feel supported and informed at all times.

Pickup of goods at the origin with our own transport network.

Reception and unloading of goods at our facilities with full traceability.

Scanning of documentation, palletizing, and categorization of each merchandise.

Your merchandise always stored in facilities in optimal conservation conditions.

Picking of each order tailored to your needs and instructions.

Shipping of the merchandise to the destination and possibility of tracking the shipment.

Comprehensive advice at all times.

A world of possibilities

We combine resources quickly, reliably, and economically

Our extensive experience and our human team allow us to provide the best service and advice for air and sea imports and exports according to your needs.

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A world of possibilities

With over 35 years of experience and collaboration with our extensive network of partners, we can manage air cargo and maritime freight using the most advanced management systems to optimize time and reduce costs.

We handle any urgent shipment

Full containers from any port of origin to destination

Consolidated groupage in a container with other shipments

We insure your merchandise in the chosen modality