Quality Policy

“Eguia Logistica y Transporte, S.L. is a company that focuses its activity on national and international road freight transport. The sector in which it operates is highly competitive, not only in prices but also in service quality. Therefore, Eguia Logistica y Transporte, S.L. has decided to improve its services to meet the demands of customers in such a changing environment as transportation.

The first step to meet these expectations is the management of the company by complying with the requirements of the current ISO 9001 standard, customer requirements, as well as other applicable legal and regulatory requirements.

The business strategy on which we focus our steps is summarized in the following guidelines:


To stay in the market.

Permanent Customer Satisfaction

So that there are as few complaints as possible in our services. For this, we are aware that the best option is to scrupulously comply with customer requirements and the required legal standards.

Continuous Improvement

With a system of planning, implementation, evaluation, and improvement.

Commitment to the System

We incorporate quality by providing good service to our customers, and we must also incorporate it into our suppliers. Quality must be incorporated both internally, involving all personnel, and externally, throughout the service provision process.

In summary

The future of the company depends on its customers and their level of satisfaction, which will allow us to continue to have their trust for the permanence and consolidation of the company in an increasingly demanding market.

All members of the company are aware of this policy, and we count on their effort and collaboration to ensure that Eguia Logistica y Transportes, S.L. is seen as a company that offers the highest level of quality and service to its customers.

Irun, December 19, 2019″